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New Member - 1994 Legacy

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I just picked up a 1994 Legacy - Auto - 150K miles for only $300


It died on the way back because of the alternator even though it was new..:spin:

Will get that one fixed for free..


Also the car has a CEL on.


and It shakes very badly...


A few fixed here and there but for the price, It's a nice car


I'm not new to the forums but obviously knew to this one..

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I don't know what that means either... You mean since I had a spark plug fly out of the engine it was like a Zeus lightning bolt? Because yes... That about sums it up. Left a nice dent in the hood...
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to the last two posters...this thread is 2 years old lol. welcome the dude all you want, but he hasn't been active in 2 years.


Zeus Marine dug up an ancient thread several days ago and just said "lol" in it. Thats what I mean by "pulling a zeus" lol


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