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Can't get shift knob off Kartboy STS

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So I've had this noise coming from my transmission so I decided to take a look at the shifter to see if anything changed on it.


So I'm unscrewing it and it frees up and I figure it's unscrewed. But it won't come off. So I'll pulling on it and still nothing. So I separate the boot from the knob and no dice.


I give up and now the thing won't even screw back on. I'm pressing down on it hitting it with a hammer and nothing. WTF?!!?!


Screwing it either way just spins, it's not threading at all.

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the threaded insert inside the knob came loose from the knob.


If you can't get a pliers or something under the knob and grab the insert, you're SOL.



Your only option then is to install a new shifter arm and knob, or try and cut the knob off.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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It was on a Kartboy STS. Once I got the new knob I just drilled a hole in the base of the stuck on and slid a allen key in there to unthread it. I could possibly repair the old on but putting a screw in there to hold the insert to the knob but I have a new one so...
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