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Tighten a loose, relatively new Power Steering Belt

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Hey all... I have read as much as I can here to find an answer, but I can not seem to find it!


I have a 2005 with about 102,000 miles. I had the alternator belt and the power steering belt replaced at about 82,000 at Subaru of Sherman Oaks, CA. A few hours after the work, the belt was squeaking a bit. A call to them assured me that it was going to stop after a few hundred miles, so that was that... of course, as I hit the road back to the east coast, the noise continued to appear now and then. Then it stopped for good after about 4,000 miles (which was only about one week because I drove across the USA). Now that it is cold and wet in NJ, the problem is getting worse again and I would like to tighten the pulley to see it that helps.


I have confirmed that the noise is coming from the highest pulley closest to the passenger's side by removing the shroud, and having a friend turn the wheel until the noise started during a cold start.


My question is - Can I just loosen the nut on that pulley, adjust it, and then tighten the bolt? Or is there a special tool needed? I have had a few people tell me different stuff, but they do not know Subaru like the folks here, so I thought that I would ask!


Thanks in advance for any help!



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Well, the top is the alternator. You can actually adjust the whole alternator with the mounting tab (It's slotted for this reason). Don't touch the pulley on it though. Loosen the nut up and snug it up some more to see if that helps.


Squealing is also a sign of bearings going in the alternator, so if replacing or tightening the belt doesn't resolve your issue, then it's time to replace the whole alternator.

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Thanks a lot! That thing was staring me right in the face and I did not even see it!


I am certain that the noise was coming not from the alternator but form the pulley to the left of it. Also, the belt feels pretty tight... I am just going to turn that bolt a small amount and see if that fixes the problem and go from there.


Thanks again! Not sure what I would do without the info here!

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