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taller tire for Legacy


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I just bought a used 07 Legacy 2.5i with stock 17" alloy rims (17x7) with 205/50R17's. I'm moving to Colorado and want a tire with more (forgiving) side-wall height (my new place in CO is on a bumpy gravel road). Will the same tire on the Outback - 225/55R17 fit OK on my Legacy? I measured the wheel-well opening and there is no difference between the Outback & Legacy (although the Outback is sprung to have slightly higher ground clearance). I'm pretty sure the taller tires 26" versus (24.5" for the 205/50's) will work with no clearance issues but I need an expert's opinion. I don't think I want to put a spring lift kit on it because I don't want to affect ride quality (but this would be cheaper than selling my 17" wheels & tires and buying used 16" wheels)

Will my speedometer be off with the slightly taller tire, or does Subaru evem compensate (speedo gearing) for the slight difference in tire height?

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