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It would appear many here have replaced their stock suspension bits for aftermarket pieces. I just bought a bonestock 05 Legacy N/A and, while I am really happy with how it drives, though not really surprised, I'm curious is to what I could do to improve handling even more. I've searched a bunch of threads here already and so far most people seem to start with the RSB, FSB, then springs, struts, coilovers, etc, so I'm not flying in without having done a little research. My question though is, who are some of the more reputable aftermarket parts dealers? I've googled around a bit but I'm not sure who's reliable, who's got good customer service, and who even sells good, reliable parts. Recommendations?
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Start with the vendors listed here as supporters.

Use the search function and you'll find lots of info on what people are running and their opinions of them on their vehicle.


I have Rallitek's 19mm rsb and with the stock 20F, have very neutral handling, with the ability to torque oversteer on demand (even at NA power levels).


Hawk HPS pads, SS brake lines and now that my rear struts are shot, am opting for Bilstein HD's, but have yet to decide on springs. I could keep the stockers, but am taking the opportunity to lower a little.


Have fun



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You can't beat Jeremy at FredBeansParts. Here is a thread where some members comment on their experience dealing there. Jeremy has been nice enough to take several thousand dollars off my hands over the last year or so......:lol::redface:




You can find them on the Vendor Classified section of the Marketplace on the forum.


Good luck.;)

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