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UConn Car Club's 6th Annual Spring Show - April 19th


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The UConn Car Club would like to invite you to be a part of our 6th Annual Spring Car Show, on Sunday, April 19th. Unfortunately this year we do not have an extra date set aside for rain. The show will be on no matter the weather.


What you need to know:



W-Lot Commuter Parking Lot on the Storrs Campus

Directly off Storrs Rd (rt. 195)

Storrs CT, 06269

(see map below)



Gates open @ 9:30 am

Registration closes @ 12:00 pm

Gates close when the parking lot capacity has been reached

Trophies by 2:00-3:00 pm



Free to spectators

$10 dollars to show



There will be no pre-registration. If your group would like to park together; arrive early and drive in together as a group. The first map attached below lists parking lots in the area and their locations so you can meet as a group before arriving at the show to drive in together.




We MAY have scales available to weigh and corner weight vehicles


Bragging Rights

For those who have yet to see one of our shows, we tend to amass some of the greatest diversity of cars in one place. Anyone who has been to a previous show can attest there's something for everyone, including Classics, Domestics, Imports, Euros and even Supercars. All makes, models and price ranges of vehicles are welcome.



Classes are listed below. There will be a 1st place and runner up for each category. We are debating a 3rd place trophy as well due to the large number of entrants.


1980 and Newer


Import FWD

Import RWD

Import AWD


Euro FWD

Euro RWD

Euro AWD


Supercar/Exotic Sports Car


Domestic Muscle

Domestic Tuner


Truck/SUV Street

Off Road


Supercar/Exotic Sports Cars


2/3 Wheelers






Hot Rod


Specialty Awards



Best Club (Quality)

Club Participation (Attendance)

UC3 Choice

Type R



Note: Best Club Participation Club Award goes to the club with the most participating members. Best Club Award will be awarded to the club that UC3 deems to have the highest quality entrants in respect to the quality of the cars and the attitude of its members. The Type R award goes to the most ridiculously modded car. Bring your cardboard body kits!


We Need Your Input

Have any ideas for our show? Anything from previous shows you would like included or excluded? Any questions, concerns or comments for us? Please let us know! We have a forum setup on our website where you can discuss anything show related WITHOUT having to register. Just follow the link here and enter the password which is UC3. You can also find the planning forum at the top of our forum page here. The only way to make our show better is from the input we get and we'll do our best to incorporate as many ideas as possible.


Other Mentionables:

- The parking lot has a maximum capacity of around 600 cars. Once the parking lot is full, THE GATES WILL BE CLOSED. No ifs, ands, or buts. Plan accordingly and it should not be a problem.

- Arrive with the people you want to park with. There will not be any room to leave empty parking spaces open. (see pics below for parking lots outside of the show that you can meet prior to arrival)

- Judging will be done by the attendees and will begin at exactly Noon. Those who arrive past Noon will not be allowed to register for judging.

- We will have porta-potties within the show as well as food and background music.



If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor, please contact the club for further details by email at uconncarclub@gmail.com

Space is limited but arrangements can be made.


Please forward any further questions or comments also to uconncarclub@gmail.com


Thank you and we hope to see you there!






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might have been, what color was it do you remember? year? I know we have a couple of WRX's one's a blue 04-05 look and the other is the '07 look, black.. the black one is turned into a JDM Sti though
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