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How To PROPERLY Package a turbo for shipping

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Guys...this thread is long overdue here. While we've all bought tons of stuff from each other, I just got a turbo from a guy that was packed like crap...even AFTER the fact that I told the guy specifically to watch how to pack it!


How to pack a turbo:


#1 - WRAP THE TURBO IN A BAG OF SOME SORT. This will help prevent packing material (LIKE CRAP ASS PACKING PEANUTS) from getting into the wheels, oil, and/or coolant lines.


Once the turbo has been packaged in a bag, wrap it in at LEAST 2 layers of bubble wrap! This will help cushion it for it's hell ride to the new owner.


So now there is a turbo in a bag, now wrapped in bubble wrap, lets find a box for it. The box should NOT be so big that the turbo bounces around like a tennis ball at Wimbledon...you want it to be in a box that is big enough to hold the turbo, but also not too small so that it bulges and things like coolant lines do NOT POP THROUGH THE BOX!


Great, you're almost there. At this point, you're ten, maybe fifteen minutes into the process.


After you have it in a box...get smart...add some peanuts, add another layer of cardboard on all sides/bottom/top, add stuff like old newspapers, whatever you got...just get it nicely stuffed in there to SECURE the turbo.


OK...i'm over this rant and how to...I just hope this helps somebody not have to deal with crap ass shipping from a seller.

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I wrap mine in a bag.. then line the box in foam swimming noodles that are cut in half.. place the turbo in there and cut more pieces and stuff the area until there is no movement... This is a UPS proof package.. no bubble wrap or peanuts.


I learned this method from shipping subwoofers.. Also wrap the box in a few area with some good shipping tape..

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a little more info from deadbolt:


We recommend at LEAST a 12X12X12 box for shipping most turbos, for large turbos, a 14X14X14 box is recommended. DO NOT USE IHI TURBO BOXES!!! THEY ARE TOO SMALL AND ALMOST ALWAYS ARRIVE DAMAGED!


We have outlined safe packing tips to help you avoid extra cost and annoyance at having your turbo get damaged in shipping. PLEASE FOLLOW THEM, we have been doing this for quite a long time and know what works and what does not.


Wrap the turbo HEAVILY in bubble wrap, make sure that the turbo is sealed from any packing materials getting inside. It is VERY time consuming to dig packing peanuts out of the housings and we will have to charge our standard labor rate for that time.


Place the turbo in the box with the bottom oil return return line facing UPWARDS or to the SIDE. The BEST way to ship them is with the heavy, cast iron portion down towards the bottom of the box, and the compressor side facing up. We have seen countless damaged turbos because the lines or compressor housing were left facing the bottom. In shipping it will work its way through the shipping material and wind up contacting hard surfaces such as truck floors, shipping docks, etc. This damage is very expensive, and if it occurs your core refund will be reduced.


Pack the box tightly with heavy duty packing material, leave as little room for the turbo to move as possible, if the turbo moves inside the box, the risk of damage increases dramatically!

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Yeah i just bought a used one on here and guess what??? Yeah, not in the box when it gets here. Of course i get the, "Ive shipped hundreds of parts and never had one come up missing" line. Now its my ass that has to deal with fedex and try to track this thing down if i can. Not to mention im sure the actuator's all bent up or something. Not to happy about it.... Now he has my money and im stuck paying for a part that i dont have yet because of his neglegence. I will say that it might not be his fault but if you ship it in the same box as an inlet pipe your probally not doing it right. I should send him a link to this...
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I believe this would hold true for just about any part. We see too many damaged parts, expensive parts that come thru. If you want to sell an item and poorly package/ship it, it arrives broken or damaged, that is on the seller. We have banned a few poor packager/sellers for doing exactly that.
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