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A different dash creak


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I searched, but haven't found a similar problem. No noise from the dash where it meets the windshield, sides, or anything. I get creaking when the car has been sitting in warm weather (really only 75 degrees +). The dark gray plastic housing around the radio, etc. gets very creaky.


The solution is to push with 2 fingers, one below the CD load slot, one above. If I hold it in with some mild pressure, it's 100% gone. Does anyone know of a permanent fix for this? Many thanks.

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Wonder if the screws that hold the radio have come loose with the expansion of the plastic they are screwed into. Another though is maby the radio isn't seated properly into it's pocket and just needs to be re-aligned and tightened down. Just off the top of my head. It doesn't happen in my LGT.

Ben (2014 Outback SAP w/ eyesite, 2014 Tribeca Limited, 2006 LGT limited sedan)

Subaru Ambassador PNW


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