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6MT Master Swap Thread


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I suggest to open a new thread for MT5/MT6 NON-STI gearboxes.

This thread is really informative, but really lengthy as well.

Would serve people better if not to confuse glass-6MTs with STI-related ones.



What you're really talking about is the difference between the TY856 series (STI solid case 6MT transmissions, which includes the Spec B 6MT) and the TY754 series (split case 5 and 6MT transmssions)

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I swapped a spec B transmission and rear end into my 05 OBXT. I've now removed all parts from the 05, cut up the body and recycled it this past week. I have a clean 08 OBXT AT to transfer everthing into now.



What is the best method to rectify the electronics - ie everything about the swap after the mechanics are solid. For example, should I ground an ECU pin and flash the ecu to a spec B MT version from the same year? Definitely wanting to maintain stock systems such as cruise control, ABS etc.



Sitting by grateful for assistance. I've reached out to many places already and so far only received a mixed bag full of uncertainty. I swapped to 08 desiring of the faster ecu and canbus but am hoping it's not going to hurt me.

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Hi guys,

I have been driving my SpecB 3.0r 6mt converted wagon for a while now without issue but when I change gears (especially when driving hard) the engine's revs seem to 'hang' for a brief period before dropping. I can usually be in the next gear and ready to release the clutch before the revs have dropped to a reasonable or matched level, which can be annoying as it jerks the car around.


Has anybody experienced this? I have always wondered if it is related to the C15 auto/man ID wire and pin C14. I originally connected C15 to C14 bt this caused a short ciruit error. So I connected C15 to a chassis ground point, no errors, off I went.


I just tried disconnecting the C15 wire from the chassis and notice zero difference to how to car/engine behaves. I would have thought something would change??


FYI all of my conversion parts were from a 2007 specB, 3.0r 6mt car. So the ECU is correct.


I did not do the full dash wiring loom swap too, I simply added the necessary wires and bypassed the inhibitors etc.

See my post here for what I did: https://legacygt.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6013425&postcount=2469

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@crjohnson Maybe you can take a video of it. Your problem sounds like one that the guy in this YouTube video had. I actually bought the car in this video and took the 6MT swap out and put it in my car, also a 2008 3.0R wagon and I don’t have the over-rev problem. Strange how random that is. We never learned the cause of his problem.


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Pinging all who have done this swap. 

Has anyone had to re-tune their car after a 5MT to 6MT conversion? I’m seeing a split, but from my understanding is I don’t. Currently tuned via AP, but I’m still going easy on the car for now. 

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