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GT/Spec.B Mod giveaways/stock pictures?


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Want to make sure any cars I look at are unmodded examples - I'm always hesitant to buy something that's been modded, because you never know how well the work was done (not to mention it's a good indication the car's been thrashed!).


Could any of you with GT's or spec.bs take pictures of your stock engine compartment and suspension setup? The larger/more angles the better!


Also, what are some of the telltale signs the cars have been modded? I know to look for heat shields, turbo/downpipe, intake, cat, etc., but is there anything in particular I should be keeping an eye out for?


EDIT: '07s/'08s that is...

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not saying I'm not going to mod it myself - I just don't trust a 1-2 year old car that's been modded and is already up for sale. Either they've had problems, thrashed the car badly and wanted it gone, or were awesome to the car and I get free performance mods. Option 3 doesn't outweigh option 1 and 2 for me - so I'd rather pick one up stock and do any modding myself.


I'm sure I can tell if there's a mod already on the car - that's easy. But if somebody tried to put it back to stock before selling (and got lazy and forgot/couldn't find a heat shield or something similar), it can be hard to tell if you're not used to looking at that particular car. And lord knows I don't trust dealers to tell me the truth.

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If you knew how many stage 3 cars were parted out and sold as stock you'd crap yourself. :lol:


Yep, that's why I'm worried :) Especially on a spec.b if I end up with one, figure they're a lot more likely to be modded than a 2.5GT.


Oh, for sh*ts and giggles, this is the "spec.b" I found nearby :rolleyes:http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp;?tracktype=usedcc&searchType=22&pageNumber=0&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-spec.b|E-ALL|M-_45_|H-|D-_410_|N-N|R-250|I-1%2c7|P-PRICE+descending|Q-descending|Y-_2008-2007_|X-popular|Z-20910&aff=national&paId=303362264&recnum=3&leadExists=true


You think they wouldn't show the 5eat and the 2.5GT badge on the back...


Unfortunately, most dealers post crap pics, so not sure how much help these will be -



Figure if I find some pics of a stock one and know what parts to look for, I can ask the dealers to take pics of specific areas before I even bother showing up. Really don't feel like driving 4 hours to find out the car's clearly been modded/parted out.

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Guest LGT-NY
That second link looks bone stock. But Like I said, you never know. The only way to be completely sure is to buy new. ;)
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Wait!!! I recognize that engine!! That's the guy who had the GT40R with the stock tranny. :lol:


what's wrong with the stock tranny everyone says its good for 400wtq :hide:

06 TB EVO IX SE stock turbo monster subaru hater :lol:
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