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Radio malfunction or something else?

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So I had my oil changed at the dealer on Saturday morning. I typically listen to my MP3 player through the AUX input, but I turned off the radio when I took the car in for service.


I turned it on an listened to music on my player after leaving the dealership, then for the rest of the day the radio was off. Sunday, I decided to turn the radio on and listen to FM. I was blasted away as the volume was near maximum. I tried turning it down but that didn't work, then tried turning it off, but it didn't respond, so I turned off the car. I waited a few seconds, then turned on the ignition, and again it was loud but this time I was able to turn the volume down to acceptable levels. As far as a I know, the speakers are okay.


Has anybody had this weird behavior before, or do you think the guy changing my oil have the radio cranked when he was working on it and forgot to turn the volume down when he was done?

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