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A few LGT vs WRX questions

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Ok, before asking i HAVE searched this forum and havent found solid answers to these questions. Thats not to say they arent here, but i certainly cant find them.


1. Is the gearing in the 5MT the same in the WRX/LGT? I know our tranny is beefed up.


2. Does the LGT have the same differentials as the WRX ie. center/rear and no front. Im assuming both cars use the same AWD system.


3. How come the RE92's on the LGT are way worse in the snow? Z-rated ?


4. This question may be stupid but why would somebody buy a WRX with the LGT out there.





As a owner of both cars i can only see the WRX being superior in the handling department. Its more nimble. Other than that it really falls short everywhere else. The torque in the LGT feels AMAZING after coming from a WRX. There is no comparison.

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1.) They are close but different.



1st - 3.454

2nd - 1.947

3rd - 1.366

4th - 0.972

5th - 0.738

Final Drive - 3.900



1st - 3.166

2nd - 1.882

3rd - 1.296

4th - 0.972

5th - 0.738

Final Drive - 4.111


2.) Similar, but I don't know if its exactly the same. viscous coupling in the center, limited slip in the back and open diff up front.


3.) Strange isn't it.


4.) Honestly don't know. I guess it is because high school girls hear about the WRX more then the new Legacy.


I bet with a little work the LGT handling will be on par if not excede the Impreza handling. Just give it some time.

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