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Slow Cooker


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I originally brought this up in the Broke Shopping thread. But I figured maybe move it to its own thread to ask some questions.

I'm just trying to understand exactly how this works. My understanding is that it is heating from all sides. So doesn't mean that whatever you are making has to be primarily a liquid? The one I'm looking at is 5.5 quarts, which seems pretty big.

With that in mind, the first thing we are thinking of making are ribs (for the SB). Does this mean that the actual ribs are going to have to be completely submerged in sauce. I found a recipe, but that person's quantities may submerge a meat in a 3.5 quart; but not necessarily in a 5.5. Unless I'm missing something in how the cooker works.


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The wife makes ribs in a slow cooker. With a good recipe they are delicious. Partially submerged, move them around once in a while - something like 3 - 4 hours. You really cannot overcook them.


But, they are wet, not dry slow cooked like summer bar - b- que.

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