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Fifth gear turbo noise?


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I have a catless downpipe and sti uppipe and just assumed that the very high-pitched noise was from the turbo whine being more audible.


Well today I had no music on and was going 40mph in 4rth gear and decided to give 4rth a rest and shifted into 5th. Once in fifth going the same speed I hear the turbo-like high pitched whine start. I would lift the gas and gas it and it would remain there but would change pitch slightly.


26k and never changed the transmission or diff fluid (waiting until it gets warmer). Any ideas?:confused:

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Colder temps and and being at lower altitudes will promote spooling of the turbo with less effort than at higher ambient/intake temps and altitudes due to the change in density.


A high pitched whiney noise could be totally normal or extremely bad news. Without hearing it myself I couldn't offer any feedback on that.

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