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chrome headlamps???

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i am pretty sure only the 05s have the darker headlights.


You can always paint em to be how ever you like em. Here is a pic of mine. Cleared and with the housings painted black short the reflectors for the high beam/turn signal.



There are how tos out there. I had a guy on here help me with em.

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All the pictures I could find with decent views of the headlights.

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usncorpsman Did them for me. Took a few hours. Plus a trip to homedepot. But it was just bake and seperate. Then like 15-30 minutes each taping off the turn signal reflectors(high beams and the projectors go with the back side of the housing). Then a few minutes spraying and drying... Remove tape and put the headlights back together. was simple.


Just so you know purchase any turn signal bulbs or what not before hand. Much easier to do once everything was apart.

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