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19 inch wheels & rubber rule!!


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I have seen my car before. But, if you really want to see it again here it goes.:)





This with KW V.2 set at 1/4" below max height. My 19x7.5 w/ 225/35/19 don't rub. The wheels just tuck under the fenders.

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Just found out that my tire is rubbing (or touching) slightly against the plastic wheel well liner (area behind the foglamps)at stock height.


I guess +40mm offset wheels swing the front tires further forward when making tight turns.

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Looks good.

I like it stock and with a drop. You can't loose.

What color code is that? I suspect it's not available USDM.


Hi, the color code is 45A "Urban Grey Metallic" and it is available in the US (but maybe not USDM Outback) since I bought a Subaru touch up paint color code 45A from the US.


Dropping it means I must give up on the the stock self-leveling rear strut so I am still trying to decide.:cool:

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beautiful OB, where does everyone get the sti genome mufflers from?????? i want em sooo bad


I bought them used in Japan. The build quality is amazing.

be aware that there are at least 8 different versions of it.


Sedan versions have shorter tips (2 inches) and I have sedan version on my outback.



SG417AG010 Wagon, Turbo and 3.0R

SG417AG010 Wagon with Turbo

SG417AG030 (Wagon for2.0L NA 4 cylinder engine

SG417AG033 (Wagon with 2.5L & 3.0L NA engine

SG417AG000 B4 Sedan, Turbo and 3.0R engine

SG417AG003 B4 Sedan, Turbo and 3.0R engine

SG417AG020 B4 Sedan with 2.0L NA 4 cylinder engine

SG417AG023 (B4 Sedan with 2.5L & 3.0L NA engine


my other post about the STi Genome



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