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Please Help! Interior Trim


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Hi, I have a 2004 Subaru Legacy 35th Anniversary Edition. I have been planning on redoing my faux wood trim to the exterior color of my car for months and today started taking out the pieces to use the scotch brite to get the surface in general ready before all the other steps.


Anyway I got the piece off around the gear shift fine, then I tried to get it off around the 'cubby' things and cd drive part and most of it came off fine but at the bottom it won't come off. It obviously has to be possible since I got a new system put in over the summer to get an Alpine, but I can't figure out to get that trim piece off.


Then with the one on the left of the steering wheel, the buttons for fog lights and cruise control are there, and my friend said clips release them but it just released the wiring with what I could figure out.


This is not going to be a rushed job, I just spent like $33 dollars total for the aerosol of my car color to get this done, and have to get the primer and lacquor etc. So please help me figure out how to do the center piece removal and the button removal. Thanks


First picture is my actual car, other two are ones I got from online of my exact kind of car, none show new Alpine however it is same size as original system so no difference in removal of things.




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