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huge problem!

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i traded in my legacy gt.

thats not the problem


i bought a 2006 wrx limited for around $18,400

29,000 miles


4 hours and 30 miles after i bought it it started making a burly humming noise

kept getting louder and louder

when i would come to a stop it would make a noise as if plastic was rubbing my wheels

no plastic..


3 weeks later i finally get it back they put new races into the transfer case and a new viscus coupling and a new second and third gear.


on my way shopping. humming came back

2x worse sounded like a old truck in 4w low

drove it for 24 miles

then my car kicked out of gear and made a loud grind noise and a loud rubbing noise

as i coasted down a hill it kept kicking in and out of this funky humming noise as if it was grabbing a gear..with the clutch pushed in?


any one have ANY idea whats going on because obviously the dealer ship doesn't (HADDAD) so i can tell them what it might be.

Or should i just wait for the lemon law and not help them

P.S. its been 3 weeks already

plz help me

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man, should've kept the wagon! sounds like they didn't put things back together correctly or didn't replace all the right parts.
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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May be covered by 5/60 powertrain, but it isn't going to be covered by lemon law. Most states have a 12 month 18,000 mile max period to enact lemon laws, and that's from the time the vehicle is new. At 29,000 miles, you're out of luck with Lemon Laws. Press for warranty coverage for a proper fix or transmission replacement.


Calling SOA would also be a good step.


I think the number is 1-800-SUBARU3 ... someone can correct me on this if i'm wrong.

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