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STAGE 2 logs


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Hello, i have finally got a Stage 2 tune opensource, car feels much better now, i just want to make sure that everything is running ok, my freind did the tune, he did mostly wrx before, so also attached logs and my map. So to all TOOONERS, please let me know if everything ok with the map. Thank you







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Here is the on box.net for all those who could not get them.

Map: http://www.box.net/shared/e9bx6volg2


Logs: http://www.box.net/shared/zeg4a44erh




and also dou you know why the timing is off by about 3 degreees from the map continuously. also is it ok af far as AFT, i think i get worse gas milage, that could be that im WOT is ALOT, lol Thank you

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The car seems to be running ok, there is only one point in the logs where I identified knock. However the logs don't get a good diagnosis of the tune. You need to to a single gear pull in third from 2K rpms to redline. As for the LTFT's you need to post the AF learning for A, B, C and D ranges. But from the logs I can pretty much tell your fueling is off target by quite a bit(lean), also you aren't coming close to your boost targets as well.
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the tune was done by me.


No the logs are not all from the same map and i dont even know if the logs from the final map were posted.


The tune was ok in third but after we tested it in forth we got some timing pulled. I went back and gave fuel on topend and reduced timing because over 5200 the car would pull timing in forth gear.

this is why the afr and timing are not matching the map.

the mapped afrs and timing matched the final map


on the last map we logged in forth and no timing was pulled.


considering he wanted no governer I then decide it was best to keep it on the conservative.




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like i said if you have any problems just give me a call.

I remember you saying something about getting a cat-back the tune should still be good even with a cbe.


btw you were asking about the grapher i was using. AirBoy is the Man he is the one that made that spread sheet to do that stuff.

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