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Aluminum vs. Metal Hoods


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You're not dealing with a purpose built, dedicated track car where ounces make a difference. You're dealing with a street car where a 15lb hood and a 25lb hood make no difference. If you want to lose weight to improve performance, lose the spare and get a set of light wheels.
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Actually, that small difference can make a noticeable difference only combined with other weight savings. On the strip at least, for every 100lbs lost from a typical street car, you can generally count on about 1/10th ET improvement. This equation stops being linear at a point however....
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Back in the old days, we GC RS guys found out that the WRX overseas used an aluminum version of our USDM steel hood. So a relatively popular Christmas list item was the aluminum JDM hood. And it still is, honestly.


The weight difference is over 30lbs. on that car. Yes, that much weight is negligible on a car. But I see it this way:


1. Yes it saves a bit of weight

2. It's easier to lift

3. Cool factor.


Who wants to have to hold up a steel hood, when an aluminum one weighs so much less? Every car I've ever had (this is car #6 for me) has had a traditional steel hood. It's nice to pop the hood on the GT and be surprised by how light it is.

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