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Just logged a couple runs...20.35AFR = bad?


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Really new to this so bear with me. I just logged a few runs and am looking at the AFRs. They appear to be really lean from what I can tell ranging from 11 to just over 20. From what I understand, this is not safe (and definitely not what Cobb indicates it should be according to the map notes) but I hope someone can share their thoughts on this. I have a 2009 limited with about 2000 miles on it, Cobb DP and running Cobb stage 2 93 map (with 94 octane fuel). Everything else is stock. I haven't noticed any knocking but I do hear some "fluttering" at coming from the engine/turbo. Seems to be when cruising at mid-throttle about 2600 RPM.


I am planning a long trip in a couple days so is this safe? If no, can I run a different map in the meantime or something?





link to log:


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