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Datalog Review


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Here's my quick AP Stg2 Log. Everything look ok? Anyone have that HP calculator?




K&N Panel

Stg2 91oct

Nvidia Catless down

Modified Catback



Now that I have alternative transportation I can try the up pipe install again, since it kept getting stuck. I've been holding off since I’ am hoping to get a bigger turbo.

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Engine Speed (rpm)

Engine Load (Direct)* (g/rev)



Ignition Timing (degrees)

Knock Correction (degrees)

Manifold Rel. Pressure (Corrected) (psi)

Mass Air Flow (g/s)

Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle (%)

Throttle Opening Angle (%)

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I do not see those features on the AP selections. I'm guessing I'll have to use a laptop and that street tuner software? I can't wait to put the up pipe on now and see if the mass air flow increases! I'm up to 240g/s now at 1400ft with crappy humid weather out atm.
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