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Stock 2006 radio antenna wire cut


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Hi all. My car was recently broken into and the thieves attempted to steal the stock head unit. Someone or something must have interrupted them, because they left the head unit on the passenger seat.


I've put things back together as best as possible, but the radio's antenna wire was cut by the theives near the back of the head unit.


I'm not sure where the other end of the wire is. I've looked but can't find it.


From what I've been able to find out, the grey and black antenna wires that exit the head unit end up terminating in a connector. This connector is what the thieves cut off and threw away. I'm trying to determine where this connector would have gone, I.e. Where it would have connected.


Can anyone please help?


Thanks in advance.


2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i

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I haven't taken my Legacy apart like that but in my old car the antenna wire ran all the way from the antenna to the back of the radio and the plug was right there at the back of the radio. I'm sure the wire lead out of the head unit isn't terribly long but I would go searching in your dash for the wire end....


Sorry I can't be of much help



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