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Max tire width on a '08 2.5i with 16"? And will 16x6.5 WRX wheels fit '08 2.5i?


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I have a set of 16"x6.5" wheels off an '05 WRX. My father has a set of 225/55/16 snow tires he wants to give to my brother who has an '08 Legacy 2.5i. I am 99% sure the wheels will clear his brakes, but my concern is the 225mm wide tires. If I mount them up, will they cause any problems on the fenders? I can save my brother a bunch of money on wheels, and my father can save him a bunch of money on snow tires if the package will fit ok.


I do realize his speedo will be off. 6% off to be exact, but that's not a big deal.


Thanks in advance.



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