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Danase Waterspot Remover

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I finally had a chance to give the Danase Waterspot Remover a good challenge. I put it to work in my bathrooms and on my kitchen. :D I polish the shower and the faucets usually a couple times a year anyway, so I figured I'd start by hitting the waterspots with this product. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.











After: (half/half)








After: (see the clear spot?)





The stuff is insanely easy to use, so don't stress about a complicated product that requires you to use special tools or procedures. It is about the consistency of chocolate syrup. Maybe a little thicker. Imagine chocolate gel syrup and you've got the idea. You apply it to a towel or even right on the damage, and then rub it in. It eats up waterspots like it was nothing. I've never used anything so effective on waterspots in my entire career as a detailer. There aren't many products that I would say are 'must haves', but when it comes to waterspots, I haven't used anything better. If you EVER have to deal with waterspots in the home or auto, then this is the product to use. I've used it on a few damaged cars over the summer and it was equally effective. I've never used it on paint, so hopefully Bob will chime in and let us know how to use it there, but I can tell you that on glass and chrome it works amazingly well. I love this stuff!


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I have hard water, and the water marks it leaves on glass in the home and on the car is impossible to get off even with the Stoner Invisible Glass.


I'll wait for the verdict on paint, but it will still be good to use on my windows, because it is really noticeable through the tinted side of the windows.

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NICE...Cheers to you for making this product. I bought my LGT with some of the worst waterspots I have ever seen and resorted to using a PC and Swirl abolisher to get rid of them...hopefully this product proves itself on paint...I'm all in when the pics are posted...



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I also had really bad water spots on my car from the dealer, got most off but still can see it if look hard. And my windows are bad when the sun reflects off them, your can hear it that it's rough when the wiper blades go over the windshield

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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