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How would 2008 Spec B stockers look on a 2005 Garnet Red Pearl Legacy?  

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  1. 1. How would 2008 Spec B stockers look on a 2005 Garnet Red Pearl Legacy?

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How would this look?

I was thinking of buying a new set of stock tires that I can use in the summer, and then dedicating my current set for winter tires. I happened to come across a set of Legacy rims from a 2008 Legacy Spec B. I know these are 18" but I know they'd fit. I just don't know about the color. What you guys think? The Spec B's have the rims with the carbon color to them. Would they look nice to run all summer on a Garnet Red Pearl LGT?


Here's the car and an 06 Spec B wheel and an 08 Spec B wheel. Which would look better?




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Having 2 sets of wheels is a great idea. Much more convenient and much easier on the actual tires.


As for the 08 SpecB wheels .... they are OK. Personally I think the 06-07 SpecB wheels are much nicer. That's just my personal opinion mind you.


If I was buying a new set of wheels I wouldn't buy stock ones. There is much nicer out there.

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The 06 Spec wheels are awesome, likely my favorite OEM Subaru wheel ever. But they aren't light and aren't wide. But if want an 18" upgrade, it's a great choice.

They are a shiny silver too, brighter than the stock 5 spokers.


If you can buy the 06 wheels with the stock summer tires on them for a good price, then you'll have a nice summer set up. The Spec B tires are great.

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