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Lost all power and transmission on freeway today!!

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I have a 2008 OBXT 5EAT with approx. 6500 miles on it 8 months old. Today while running some errands I was merging on to the freeway when all of the sudden all the dash lights started flashing abs,cruise,check engine AT oil temp light on, blank read out on drive selector. The car couldn't go above 25 mph and it felt stuck in first gear. Luckly it was icy roads so everyone was going slow. I pulled off at the next exit shut the car down and called the dealer. I was pretty close to that dealer so I limped over there and waited a couple hours to be told it was either a tranny solenoid or wiring issue with the transmission. So rental car in hand I leave my car with the whole engine torn apart in the shop; intercooler, turbo etc.. off the car.


I have been back to the dealer numerous times for other issues such as all the window trim strips discoloring, passenger and driver lower trim coming loose. I'm feeling like after the car completely failed me today with no prior warning it's looking like a lemon.


What would everyone do in my situation? I really like the outback but am a little worried about my particular car?

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sounds just like what they said, "tranny solenoid or wiring issue with the transmission." i had a CEL the very next day after having my car home... problems with the Smog BS. come to find out it was a stupid wiring harness popped out of the plastic bracket and disconnected itself. plug it back in, all was fine again. (and wire tied the damn harness to the bracket this time)


i wouldn't call it a lemon. now if this was the 10th time you had it in for Trans work... ok, lemon.

but they had the intercooler/turbo off the car... and then they say trans problem? i would think they could pull a code first to know whats going on.


the other stuff you had it in for was not related at all. in oder to be a lemon in most states it has to be related.


just be glad you were in no need to drive fast, and traffic around you not going fast when it did this.

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