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Break lights not coming on, 2005 Legacy Sedan


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Hey All,


I have a 2005 legacy sedan and recently my two brake lights stop working when i depress the pedal.(the uper window one works) I installed a new stereo but i feel like they have worked since i did that, however in that process i popped off the "break light switch" under the gas pedal. (can anyone explain what that is/does as if they were talking to a 15 year old) Here is the kicker, when i lock the car and close the door the alarm arms and they light up like they always have blinking once. So they work... just not when i press the pedal!? i switched the bulbs so i either screwed something up in the stereo install or this unexplained break light switch. Any help would be amazing. Thanks!

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sorry, i have NO car knowledge, i thought the brake switch was contained in the plastic circular thing underneath the gas pedal. I did not touch the brake switch in the stereo install. I am an idiot sorry.


It is the brake lights that flashes when i lock my door and shut it, i don't have the fob anymore tho. I know this as it is hanging in my trunk and i see it on for a second when the door shuts.

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In case anyone is as stupid as me, i doubt that is possible, here is exactly what goes on in the 2005 legacy sedan rear lights.

0 - Blinker

0 - Running

0 - Brake


The blinker and brake lights take the same bulb while the running lights are a smaller bulb. The thing is you cant see the brake housing unless you tear off the back cardboardy-stuff, it is below the 'hatch' for replacement. I didn't see it until people insisted the alarm was the blinker (which it is). Both my brake bulbs were burned out, thats all, i am an idiot... now i know!

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