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As the title says.....Finally!


I have had my 06 since 8/06 and NOW the car feels 'real'. I have spent a fair amount of money updating the car and now it finally feels great!


I have a set of JDM Spec B Bilsteins on it coupled with set of Swift springs. Along with them i have set of Cobb F&R Sways (with stock ELs). The car feels great.


The dampening is perfect and the turn in is great. This car was bulit with some of the proper tools but upgrading to some 'better' ones makes the car perfect. Overall, this thing is just where I want it. At high speed it feels tight and at low speeds it goes where you want and feels very deliberate.


I love driving it ( I always have) but now it is even better. I have been on this site for a long time and have read about how the suspension can change everything...this is fact!


If you're looking to keep your LGT for a long while, consider upgrading the suspension as it will change everything for you. There are many great resources on this site and I appreciate all that have helped in one way or another. Thanks to the people who have helped with the walkthroughs and reviews.


Unclemat has been a significant asset to this site when it comes to suspension....his knowledge has helped alot of us.


Thanks JoefromPA as well!


Thanks all for your responses and help. To many good years and great drives!

Rehab is for quitters.
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Thx, Greg. How is your beast running?


All is great. Weather up here is crappy so lots of snow driving. ;)


Have a bunch of new goodies to install in the spring. Hopefully the stock clutch will hold to then. Got some new summer wheels. Still contemplating the Cobb sway bars.


Actually, I'm heading to Florida in late January for some R&R.

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Very nice...do those Prodrives clear a BBK? There is someone in Tampa selling Prodrive 1s that I am in love with. They need spacers to clear.


My Aunt and Uncle live in Naples...while you're there hit Michael Bob's...best Ribs in the land!

Rehab is for quitters.
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