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Fatal attraction to 5x98 euro wheels - guess I'll need modded hubs?


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Hi all.


I've always thought Alfa Romeos had the best looking alloy wheels in Europe and possibly the world. Nearly every alloy on the market from other manufacturers is some tiny variation of a star-shaped, spoked design, but the Alfas had great-looking circular cut-outs. However I wanted a car that looked good and also was AWD and well-engineered, so I bought a 2005 Legacy 3.0R. :)


The Subaru's factory alloy rims look quite OK, but I want to put one of these designs on my car, and each type is made for the Alfas with their bizarre 5x98 PCD: http://www.gtaitalianwheels.com/wheels.htm


I have read some dubious accounts of people ramming 5x98 wheels on 5x100 bolts and that setup is not something I would be prepared to do, or knowingly drive on either.


Does anyone have experience with pursuing a passion for obscure wheels to the point of replacing and/or redrilling hubs on a Legacy? Of course I would like to know the costs involved. Given the craziness of the whole project I would be prepared to put a fair bit of money into it, so long as the result was safe and compatible with the physical dimensions of the wheelarch. I'd want to run whatever moderately wide, medium-profile tyre size comes on factory Legacies, at 17" rim diameter.


Hope someone might want to give some input.



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