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Was out driving after work tonight.....


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When I came across a WRX going out of town the opposite direction my buddy and I were racing (kinda...) so we decided to follow him... On the outskirts of town there was, nothing less than............ A subie meet!


We got there after the WRX and there were two STI's there, an 06 and an 07, and an 05 LGT. After a while a 3000gt came up as well as a 98 eclipse gsx.


It was pretty cool chilling and I was stoked to have the most outstanding car there-- my 08 Impreza 2.5i, bone stock. No turbo. No tint. No fancy lights, No carbon fiber. And no chance. at all.


:( In time, though, (I hope) in time.


I know this pertains very little to you Legacy guys, but the people over at NASIcock are a bunch of bastards.

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That's cool. I've come a cross a few meets, but never stop because I don't know anyone there...call me shy, hehe


You should stay away from this place though if you trying to save money- this place is evil in that respect! I find stuff I "NEED" all the time.

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I find shit people are selling that is hard to find and I can't resist! Or the prices kick ass and don't feel like waiting to buy it just in case I can't find that good of a deal again. We just bought our 2nd LGT less than a month ago and I've already racked up my credit card from goofing off on this site.

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