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What's it worth?..'95 LS wgn..front end damage, bad seals

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Hi -


just trying to get an idea of what someone would pay for an LS Legacy WGN auto with 209k that had a crunched in radiator, fan assembly, bent front supports, bent hood (minor), headlights out of true - minor accident where everything above the bumper took the hit!


Also the car already had massive oil leak from engine seals which I didn't get located before accident -


all in all good shape but needs DIY mechanic help


what's reasonable?



Andrew / Minnesota

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I sold my LSi wagon with similar mileage and minor body damage for $600.


I had just resealed the engine and changed the timing belt and oil pump as well.

It's hard to offload a vehicle with over 200k unless you find a potential buyer who is knowledgeable about subarus.

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