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Steering Wheel Audio Controls Wont Light Up (2005)


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So I followed trabbics install instructions to install a spec B steering wheel into my 05 MT LGT. After all the install, I still cant get the wheel controls to light up with the interior lights. I was hoping someone would tell me what wire controls this before I take the dash apart to figure it out.


Everything else works (volume, seek, mode, mute). But they wont light up. Anyone know? Or is it possible there is a specific fuse for that, that I dont have or could have blown? Any help would be awesome. I PM'ed trabbic and left a note in his install thread, but no one has responded.


Many thanks

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I'm assuming you actually turned your headlights on? I think the buttons only light up when the headlights are on. I'd have to check to verify that but thats the only time I notice the lights on the wheel turn on. The only thing I can suggest is to check all your wires and make sure they are fitting properly.



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