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Clunking noise help???


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Hey All,


I am not sure if you guys have seen the threads in the Supension/brakes forums on people having clunking noises with aftermarket springs. I too am in this boat and was wondering if anyone local had or knew of this problem and had a solution. The noise is off and on and very hard to duplicate(it's like that freakin noise you hear all the time by yourself, but as soon as you get a buddy in the car it dissapears:mad:). It usually happens when pulling in an out of driveways with curbs or fully cranked reverse to the right. I have an '07 Spec with H-techs, I have gone back numerous times to make sure everything is torqued and that the spring is sitting fine. I also checked out the sway bushings as some have said this to be the problem. It looks to be fine and plus I only have 10k on the car???


Any suggestions or cool mechanics that won't charge me a arm and a leg to tell me that a nut was loose would be greatly appreciated!!!!





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I know the issue with COBB springs was that they actually clank onto eachother when in compression. The solution for this was to put a rubber/foam liner around the 2nd and 3rd coil and the noise would be deadened by the liner.


Based on when you say it is happening, I wouldn't be surprised if something like coils clanking together is the issue. That said, I don't know a ton about the H-tech's.

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