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brighter map lights ?


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I'd like to (rather dramatically) increase the brightness of my

map lights (the little guys right behind the top of the windshield).

With the moonroof, the dome light is so far back as not to be that

useful, plus it's not that bright either. I find that I simply don't

have NEARLY enough illumination in the cabin; I've actually run

down the battery by exiting the car not realizing the map lights

are on ! I suppose it's possible I'm going blind or that the lights

do not contain the proper bulbs, but I doubt it.


Any ideas for how to improve the situation ? LED conversion bulbs

that fit ?

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Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.


I removed the lens to have a look at the existing situation - a couple

of short length "festoon" bulbs. Here's the thing. The lens piece

just has two very small holes - maybe barely a square inch - one per

map light. With the lens removed, the existing bulbs are plenty bright

enough ! I guess the reason they did it this way is to avoid blinding the

driver. I'm not sure it'd be too hard to increase the hole size - the lens

is two pieces, a clear layer, and then an opaque piece with the holes cut

in it; so just de-attach the opaque piece and cut the holes out bigger.

Maybe just enlarge the driver side one, since the driver shouldn't be

looking at stuff with the map-light anyhow, and leave the pax side one

as is, so if the pax is looking at something, it won't blind the driver. When

you really need to light up the inside of the car, use the driver side one.

Another option might be a dimmer, or at least a two-speed switch.


I wonder if the fastwrx ones are designed for the adhesive LED panel to fit

the very small existing hole ?

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+1 for the Mach V ones. They're awesome. I have the map and puddle lamps and get compliments all the time.


The lights are actually attached to a board of LEDs that fit snugly in the spot up there. The actual 'light bulb' is tapped with a wire and sits behind the LED board. I'm pretty sure thats how they were setup ... its been awhile since i last looked at them.

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