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'05 wagon SWP rt rear passenger door


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The wagon was hit while parked at a gig. The Seniors' Center! The other driver probably didn't even notice the white wagon in their mirror, or they didn't even look, and I bet they ran into and didn't feel it. It looks like a slow push-in while backing out of their parking spot, and the height tells me it likely was a truck bumper. Only the shell seems to be damaged, but it is crinkled, this won't pop out. The door works (barely) and it appears the hinge mounts and latch points are fine.


This wagon body is rare in this area, everything else is OB. The recommended local Subie bodyshop found one used door and said for what it will cost to get it here, we might as well go new for nearly $1,900 total.


So, I guess we're needing a lead on a wagon door. I read the sedan door fits, too, but with the labor required to swap out all the guts, window rails, etc, is that worth trying to find?



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Seems to me that regardless of what door you get you'd be swapping guts. I'd bet the only thing that would have to be swapped would be the glass and possibly the regulator. Everything else is likely the same.


Imagine the pickle you'd be in if these cars didn't have frameless windows.

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