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Rear clunking


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When i pull off of a decline at a right or left turn i get a pretty significant set of clunks (not one). I haven't done anything suspension wise other than lower the car. It's been going on for about a month now.


Thoughts on what it could be before I tear everything apart?

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I have Cobb sways/stock endlinks and am lowered on Swifts and Rev. A Bilsteins. The right rear started to clunk when I go over speedbumps and other uneven ground when I'm driving slowly.


I took the car in swearing it was going to be the ELs. The dealer said they could not find the problem but probably the strut is bad. I Don't think so. The struts have about 30k on them. I am very unsatisfied. Anyone have any thoughts? I think the sways and ELs are solid...the Dealer would easily see this issue.


It sound like the spring may be riding on the strut...no idea but it's driving me crazy!

Rehab is for quitters.
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