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The STI bbs thread


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Got mine on over the weekend. Tires are 235/45/17 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06.




Those would look great on my DGM 09 special edition.


Sent from my Note 5

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Nice color choice! Any chance you got these done by Liquid Powder Coats? Martin just did mine a little while back and he was pleased with his work - I was pretty pleased myself!


Just put on my winter setup - freshly powder coated and wearing new winter rubber.


Shot in the dark for an old post but is that factory ride height or do you have springs?

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Outback XT here - stock wheels are 17x7 with a 48mm offset. I see the STi BBS are 17x7.5 with a 53mm offset. I plugged these numbers into the 1010tires.com offset calculator and it is telling me that on the inside, there's going to be 11mm less clearance between the wheel and strut housing.


I can't look right now as I have my winter tires on. Stock size in my winters (225/55/17) and I don't get any fender liner rub, however with my summers in the same size there's a slight rub at almost full lock, nothing I worry about.


So, the summers are bigger and the STi BBS would be my summer wheel setup. I recall there being very little clearance between the tire and spring perch with the summers but I don't remember how exactly.


I'm using LGT Spec B Bilsteins with strut mount spacers. Anyone run stock OBXT tires with these struts and these STi BBS wheels?



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Damn. I am about to pick my car up from the shop, and they were unable to put my new gold 4 piston Brembos on the front because the Kosei racing wheels (17x7) wheels wouldn't fit.

So, they had to put the old brakes back on the front.


I NEED NEW WHEELS! Doh!:spin::spin:

Would you guys go for the 2004 STI BBS wheels, or would you go for some other wheel that fits?

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In theory that's accurate, but just be careful with whatever site you use. I'd confirm fitment through a second source before you finally pull the trigger.


There aren't a lot of 17's that fit over Brembo calipers, but some good affordable options for sure.

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I was told before that any wheels for 04 STI will clear the Brembo's. I'm currently browsing the wheels on 4wheelonline, and I'm leaning towards the Motegi and Enkei.


17x8 (offset 45) Enkei RPF1's work for sure. I just put some on my car with gold Brembos.

I kinda wish I had gotten silver wheels instead of gold, but oh well.

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