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Official 2006 spec.B Registry

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There is a way to do this with help from google; Im not a big fan or anything of spec b, and why are two ofthe last three spec b's posted here haveblown engines.

Huh? :confused:

He wants to know why 13 y/o sports car have blown engines.

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I guess since I've officially decided on keeping mine..


I picked up #481 with a blown turbo a few weeks ago. :cool:

In the process of getting it fixed and preparing for the big build this summer.

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I requested on the FB group a couple weeks ago. Says waiting on Admin approval. I canceled request and re-requested. Waiting on approval now.



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make sure you have the . in it, the other group i believe is pretty much dead

08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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