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Legacy Part Numbers.

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Thanks goes to Outback2.5XT-05 as he threw out this PN on the What did you do to your outback thread.


Now I need a new dust cap for the front strut perch since the shop lost one.

20326AA120 for the dust cap.

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Does anyone know of a Silver Center cap for Spec B, that either has the logo and says spec b or Subaru with spec B on it as well. I could have sworn somewhere on the net I saw the legacy silver center cap, with spec B on it . Does this really exist or is it an aftermarket thing?


Just stumbled onto this thread, I'll say you saw a aftermarket cap. I swap center caps from my two sets of wheels for both cars all the time. Just have the Subaru emblem on them.

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Switch Combination SSA - 83161AG22A (for years 2008-2009)


Cost: ~$225 at most Subaru online parts websites


This is a full assembly that includes:

- Steering Angle Sensor

- Clock Spring

- Turn / Wiper Levers

- Mounting Base


Below is photo of the complete assembly I replaced (not the new Switch Combination SSA that I bought, I forgot to take a photo of it before I swapped it in).


This is considerably cheaper than buying the Clock Spring and Steering Angle Sensor separately. Took maybe 30 minutes in total to swap in.


Note 1: The Clock Spring was already indexed, but I suggest you double check it.

Note 2: The horn cord is part of the wire loom in the steering wheel itself. It is not included in this assembly.


Link for reference (cheaper on other subaru parts websites): https://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru__/49293911__6030046/SWITCH-COMBINATION-FORVDC/B13-832-02.html#83111









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