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SubieFest Items List


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So since subiefest is slowly creeping up, and there has been discussion of maybe a communal pool of resources such as food/water/etc, I thought a list should be made in order to spread out the items brought. It is up to the individual choice of how much extra to bring for everyone else to share/use so please don't take this as a "You must bring X amount or you can hang out with us" type thing


Just bring enough for yourself, and if you have any extra you can spare bring it!

EDIT: forgot to add, it doesn't have to be a food item, it can also be fold out chairs, ezup tents, etc



- Knight705/Howard - Ice Cooler: Ice/Icepack, Bottle Water, Sport Drinks,

- Snodork/merv - EZup Tent 10'x10'

- civic2lgt/chris - canopy and some liquid courage

- edkwon/ed - water, drinks, 'liquid courage' if needed, (BBQ food if someone brings grill)

- saul_good/? - MREs (maybe)

- Discowagon/Jon - Ezup Tent (if going)

- Creosti/? - Water, Chips, Cookies, Chairs

- panamajack/Bayano - hot dogs, buns

- naylor/ryan - water, cooler

- mikeyan - camping grill, cooler, water, newkies, soda, grill food

- slu6er - carne asada

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Thanks for starting this thread, what do ppl think of bring food (or at least chips/salsa, etc) , does anyone else have anything resembling a portable grille?


I can also bring water, drinks, 'liquid courage' if needed...

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isn't this still a few weeks away? :lol:



you know how the guys here are, if things dont start getting planned a year early, nothing gets done :lol:


what do you need liquid courage for? 0_o


to fearlessly powerslide on the track of course

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it also helps you not to take crap for the next few days


probably intentional too, having to stop to take a sh*t is bad for troops on the move and might leave them vulnerable to enemy fire.


which reminds me i learned from the Top Gear polar special that North Pole explorers have to keep a gun by their side when taking a dump outdoors, because polar bears are smart enough to creep up on humans and attack them while they're taking a sh*t :lol:

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I was thinking of bringing some MRE's. Those things fill you up good and have a good variety of food.

I haven't had MREs since desert Storm. Do you have the one s with the green cheese spreed and the extra thick crackers.:lol:

Racer X FMIC for '05-'09 LGTs, '08+ WRX and '10+ LGT,'14+ FXT, and '15+ WRX TMIC Racerxengineering.com
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