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How to Install Directional Tread Tires?


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I hate to sound like a fool, but there is probably good reason for that :redface:


Anyway, I just got Potenza RE-01's on new wheels delivered by Tire Rack and I don't know which direction the treads are supposed to be mounted.


Does the swooping cut on the sides point forward, or backward. I'm guessing it should point forward as pictured here:




Anybody know?

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Yep, there will be an arrow on the sidewall with "Rotation" next to it, or possibly wording that says "This Side Out."




In taking a look, the direction should roll with the "arrows" foward. The channels down the middle and sipes going out help push any water out of the way, and give the performance. I have occassionally seen tires where the correct rotation is with the "arrows" going backward, but this is rare.

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