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Need Help From The BE5 People!


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I am trying to figure out if a K2 gear rear window spoiler for a BE5 will fit a BL5.


here is the original link!




If i could be so lucky, i would be greatly appreciative if someone with a BE5 could send me an "outline" of the back window made out of paper so that i could put it up on my car to see if it would be close. i would pay the minimal postage if i need to to send an envelope to FL!


If someone is interested in helping: could you tape together 4 pieces of paper lengthwise and then tape (use some painters tape so it doesnt mess anything up) it to the roof/ top of the rear window (so templet will be accurate) and trace the top of the window, the rounded corners and about 6" down the sides of the glass. that would give me a good idea if it will be a close fit!


there is a thread already and a lot of people that are interested in this.



any help would be greatly appreciated by not only me but others i am sure as well!



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