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Another year, another Aussie Legacy Tuned by STI

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Autoblog: Australia-gets-market-specific-subaru-liberty-gt-tuned-by-sti/



Autoblog Gallery: 2008 Legacy Tuned by STI, Australian model


Subaru's Australian outpost is set to deliver a localized special edition Liberty GT (Liberty = Legacy) that's been upgraded with a laundry list of components from the STI catalog. The Liberty GT tuned by STI makes 260 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and will be made available with either a 6-speed stick or a 5-speed sportshift automatic. Brembos, Bilstein shocks, STI springs, a new muffler, lightweight Enkeis, and leather-and-Alcantara sport seats are but a few the features included in the 250-car limited edition, which is now on sale in Australia. Hey Subaru of America, where's the love like this for U.S. customers?




Liberty GT Tuned for Perfection


Subaru's special edition Model Year 2008 Liberty GT tuned by STI has been released featuring multiple upgrades from the Subaru Tecnica International catalogue.


With an enhanced power output of 194 kW at 6000 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 2800 rpm, this locally tuned variant also features STI suspension upgrades and interior treatments.


Bilstein shock absorbers, featuring damping ratios unique to STI, enhance stroke feeling, linear control and produce a flatter ride.


The rear suspension kit contains partial ball bearing-jointed bushes, suppressing suspension friction to achieve high lateral rigidity, further improving road holding.


STI springs lower the car by 5mm.


Brembo brakes (four pot front, two pot rear) are painted black, complementing the sports styling. A stainless steel mesh-type brake hose is added, enhancing response and ensuring high braking performance.


12-spoke, 18-inch ENKEI wheels with STI badging are 2.5 kilograms lighter than standard Liberty GT wheels and are available in a new colour � luminosity silver.


The front grille treatment is unique to the model as is exterior "tuned by STI" badging.


Front lip and rear boot STI spoilers suppress lift, improve aerodynamics and increase stability when driving at speed. A sports muffler with new tip design completes the exterior upgrades.


Inside, leather and alcantara front seats feature a cherry red STI logo. Designed with a balance of firmness and suppleness they provide support and reduce fatigue during long distance driving.


An eight-way power driver�s seat with memory settings is also featured.


The instrument cluster includes the speedometer featuring STI logo and new STI sill plates are used on all door openings.


Vehicles are available in sedan and wagon, six-speed manual and five-speed SPORTSHIFT automatic variants, in a choice of black, silver, grey and white.


Recommended retail pricing: [edit: not US dollars, local Australian MSRP]


Manual sedan $65,990

SPORTSHIFT automatic sedan $65,990

Manual wagon $67,990

SPORTSHIFT automatic wagon $67,990

Dealer delivery and statutory charges are additional.


Only 250 Liberty tuned by STI vehicles will be built.

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Oh, yeah. I tear things up over there, too. I can't help myself. :D


what other thread??? This is the first one that I have seen. Did someone put a thread about this in the "Site Announcements" forum again? I didn't see one over there. This is Subaru automotive news, and this is the Subaru News and Rumors forum area.


But on topic,


The only car I would immediately start processing trade-in on my Legacy for would be a WRB or red "Tuned by STI" Legacy, or S402, if either were offered in the US.


Is this not the Legacy some of us here have been nearly begging for?


Everything that the Spec B has, PLUS STI springs, STI suspension links, Axle-back or Cat-back exhaust, and factory Brembos? What is the problem, SOA?


How would this not KILL the Saab 9^3 Turbo X special edition, for many thousands of dollars less than it's $45k pricetag?

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It's sad that a vehicle that expensive (yes, I realize it's AUS dollars - still pricey), and that new is still being sold without a standard such as Bluetooth, which can be had on sub-compacts such as the Ford Focus. Blech.
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They have had a "Tuned by STI" model for the last couple of years. little details change from year to year.


I think the axle-back exhaust was revised for this year, perhaps the wheels as well. I thought it had BBS wheels at some point, rather than Enkei wheels.


It gets black brembos rather than gold ones. I am not sure if the partial ball-bearing suspension links are new, or if those are the same as the STI catalog (which we don't get either) has had previously.


The colors may be different this year, too. I think they had only three in the past, but I would have to go back and read previous specs.


The Japanese "Tuned by STI" model last year had black, dark blue, and WR blue. I am pretty sure that has been supplanted by the availability of the S402, which is an actual STI-badge car like the WRX STI S204, if it can be differentiated from a "tuned by" car, which is actually almost better optioned than a standard WRX STI.


Needless to say this builds on the Aussie-market GT Spec B in a way that we can only wish our Spec B was improved.


Lower springs (rather than the higher than GT-limited height that Spec Bs have had in previous years) and Brembo brakes from the factory, as well as a freshened front bumper cover, and light-weight 18x8 wheels, and STI aero and suspension bits would be welcome additions, as well as the STI-logo'd interior guages, sill plates, and steering wheel badge...


Sometimes I wonder if the WRX STI weren't so stalwartly popular, and if the impreza chassis were built in the US, rather than imported from HQ in Japan, if SOA would even sell the WRX STI in the US, or if the performance-oriented Imprezas would languish in the unheralded doldrums the way the Legacy turbo models do.


It seems like SOA has more influence on the Legacy, Outback and Tribeca models that are built at SIA, than the Impreza and Forester that are imported from Japan, and if SOA had similar influence on those models, they might suffer neglect the way the Legacy has in North America, compared to other markets.

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