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parts ordering and installation help please!!!


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im planning on ordering all these parts from japanparts.com and was wondering how the fitment is and how difficult install is.


Ings Front Grill - does this bolt right in?

sti front under spoiler - doesnt look like this will fit easily...are there any replicas for 08's available yet?

arc intercooler air guide - how is this installed?

sti enkei wheel set - are there any rubbing issues or does it fit perfectly?


im also planning on getting the sti pinks and trying to find a trunk lip spoiler does anyone have any leads as to where i may find one? i saw some ebay ads while searching here but they have no more for subarus.


any help or recommendations are greatly appreciated

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I put a BMW lip spoiler on my 05 STi to good effect -- it was some kind of not-quite-rubber (flexible enough to accommodate the curvature of the trunk) and both stuck and screwed on. It turned out to be just the right width for the trunk lid, though, and I don't know how much wider a LGT trunk is than that 05 Impreza body style's was. HPH
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