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Tribeca Horn

Spec B

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When I installed an air horn in my Legacy I just used the typical 'blade' crimp connectors from any auto store, unhooked the old plug leading to the stock horns and slipped the blades in their place. Used a little dielectric grease to prevent rust and sealed/tapped them up and ran the wires to a relay which powers a big old motor that feeds the horn.


So basically you don't have to worry about the connectors assuming you don't mind cutting the old connector off the Tribeca horn if it's not the same. Just replace them with standard plugs.


Be careful though, those bigger horns might draw more power than the old ones and might blow a fuse, hence why I used a relay.

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USDM Legacy gets much wimper horns.


Nothing Stebel Nautilus Comapct air horn + pair of Stebel Magnum horns cannot fix!


Stock horns shown here with a third one (Fiamm, in the forward position) wired up in line.





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