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Very High Lease Quote?

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I was just quoted 479/month for a auto (5eat) 2008 legacy gt with no options.


down payment was included in lease price, but tax still extra


10,000 miles/year ... 36 month lease


This is interesting, considering i was quoted 388/month for the same vehicle a few months back, except this was 12,000/year...42 months or $412 /month for 36 month, 12,000 miles.


Its very interesting that prices would go up on a vehicle as it gets older, especially as the '09 models are to be released within about a month.


That said, i am wondering if other people could possibly check in and post about what they paid (lease) for their '08 lgt's. I am wondering if it is worth it to go to another, further dealer for my vehicle, as i sort of feel like i may be getting ripped off here. (I'm paying 505/month for my 06 3 series, and considering the lgt may almost reach that once tax is included, i may second guess my purchase)


p.s. has anybody dealt with prestige imports in pleasentville, NY?? If not, has anybody had a good experience with any westchester NY subaru dealers?


thanks ..

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That definitely sounds too high. Maybe it's because they're figuring higher depreciation since as soon as the '09's come out your car is technically a year old but regardless that's a little silly.

I had a very good experience a while back buying a used Legacy from Ruge's in Rhinebeck. You could see if they give you a better deal.

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Just a point in fact:


$28.5k loan @ 5.9%, no down payment for 60 months = 553.11, $500 with $2500 down (neither with tax included)


You should be looking for low to mid 300s for a lease at this level. Not even close to 400s.


Leases are icky, way too many places for dealers to hide crap.


IMO, negotiate a lower ACTUAL sales price and worry about payments later. If you can make payment on the 'best' price you are ready to roll.


Being a 'payment buyer' gets you hosed.



EDIT: At current rates of 4.9 you'd be at $536 with 0 down, $489 with $2500 down.


So, if you can get a sales prince of $28.5k ± (which you should with current incentives: see invoice princes at cars101.com or edmunds.com) and put $2500 down you can OWN the car for $10 bucks more than the dealer is quoting on a lease… :eek:

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