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need some help!


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So im ordering new rims and tires for my 05lgt. i am getting MB Motosport Gunmetal Weapon rims but im not sure what size to get. i don't know if i should get 17" or 18" here is the link to the site


Ive never bought rims before and im not sure what size is the best. I am also going to be getting tires. I want a nice handling/ all around tire for summer only, but again, im not sure what size to get.


If someone could help me make the right choice that would be great.

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bolt pattern is 5x100

the 17x8 +46 or 18x7.5 +48 is fine.

I had a couple sets of 18's and 17's on my lgt. I prefer the look of 18's, but ultimately went to 17's for performance.

17's will ride better because the tire will have a slightly taller sidewall which absorbs more bumps.


take a look at the faq threads at the top of this forum section for tons of info.


tire size should be 225/45 17 or 225/40 18 depending on which route you go.

I'd take the new dunlop direzza z1 star spec for a summer only, but there are quite a few good choices with an even wider price range.

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