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How to attract cops


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A few nights ago I did wake up and heard the sound of someone using a grinder - at 01:30 am.


Well, I did get up and tried to locate the origin, and at the local convenience store I did see about 4 persons running a grinder on something with the sparks flying, so I considered that it was something not really normal. The next step was to call the cops, which caused them to show up with four cars really fast - even I was surprised!


Anyway - a bit amusing to see them into action there, and only bad thing is that I didn't have a video camera.


It ended up that they were doing some remodeling in the shop and had to modify a shelf with a grinder - in the middle of an apartment complex! :spin:


At least they did get a warning from the police to suspend the grinding until daytime! :rolleyes:


There are of course other ways to attract cops - but this was probably one of the most stupid...

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haha! They were probably drunk and thought it was a totally acceptable thing to do at 1:30am.


I've had neighbors mowing their lawns right before dusk in the middle of summer time.

We're pretty far north and dusk is about 10pm. Jeez! That's when a lot of folks go to bed!:lol:

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