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2008 Legacy SPEC B FACT. NAV A-Pillar removal, boost gauge install


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Incredible write up! Thank you so much! I hate the idea of ripping apart my dash board so this write up is solid gold. One question though...I noticed that you didn't show us how to wire the gauge to the car. Does your gauge have a backlight? I would assume so.
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are you refering "wiring" as in the light up ?


yeah im doing that tonight as i just got the wiring schematics for the 2006+ legacys, so now i know what is what. that part is very easy compared to what I have already posted :)



look for it in less than 12 hrs.


thanks for the positive feedback enforcer. I couldnt find any info on this topic so i went in blind and put up this for the next guys/gals.



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update: Ive found a a-pillar dual gauge pod that fits our a-pillar almost perfectly, and by accident :)


I have in my hands (so i know it fits)


Auto meter

http://autometer.com/img/linedot.gif 2002-2003 RSX: Dual Pod (Black) Product #:



This fits very cleanly, of course it isnt perfect, but damnnnn close. i paid $39 canadian locally ($44 with tax) , they make a triple pod, but that gets very close to the SCA up near the head liner and this will have to be cut for sure.


The dual pod can be had around $20us + shipping on ebay.


I found a generic brand triple pod that fits the same car here, http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/_Car-Truck-Parts-Accessories__02-07-ACURA-RSX-GRAY-TRIPLE-PILLAR-GAUGE-POD-METER_W0QQitemZ270239565760QQadnZCarQ20Q26Q20TruckQ20PartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQadiZ2865QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item270239565760&


this is only $20 us + shipping. This would need to be cut to fit, but nice to have 3 gauges on a legacy spec b, when you dont want gauges on your dash, and dont have the cubby because of NAV.



here are my pics.



















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ok here is the wiring pictures.


the gauge i used only has power and ground (white and black coming from the gauge), no dimming as its LED. I have extended the wires using black for negative and yellow for the power (i didnt have red or white)



Ignition +12volts is a SOLID GREEN WIRE under the dash. this is what you want to tap so your gauges come on with ignition.


unplug this brown plug, it sits just above the obd2 port




the wire you want to tap is the SOLID GREEN wire. this wire is in the middle of the brown plug. the green wire you see at the bottom near my thumb nuckel actually has a grey stripe on the other side, this IS NOT the wire you want. the green wire is located just above my index finger in the cluster of wires.


take the white tape off the wire bundle so its easier to untangle.


next take an exacto knife and shave the plastic coating off the GREEN wire.

you can see that other GREEN/GREY wire i was talking about now. DONT USE THAT ONE. Then attach the power wire (in my case the yellow wire) to this newly exposed wire. SOLDER after!!!!!!!! then tape or heat shrink.




thats it, now take the black wire and find a ground under a screw or bolt. i used one of the screws back up on the a-pillar where the air bag sits, just unscrew a screw about 4 turns and stick the wire under this.


I used a LED light for my light so I did not fuse it. When I run my other 3-4 gauges I will fuse them all individually.



hope this helps. If your gauge has another 3rd wire like orange or purple, then thats for the dimmer control, if you dont care about it dont hook it up, if you do want to dim the gauges, im not sure what wire is the dimmer.




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Great stuff! :D


This is one to keep an eye on!

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Btw, the part number for the A-pillar trim panel in the OP is slightly off. It's tough to figure out which circles are zeros vs. Os. Here's the correct number:




Also, if you want the right side for some reason:


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I just recently acquired a 07 spec b, previous owner has a boost gauge on the top of the steering column, I'd like a A/F ratio and Oil pressure as well, so was thinking A pillar, but wasn't sure about air bag as I've not really looked at the FSM yet to verify, but assuming from previous threads its possible to have a triple gauge pod on the a-pillar, while not interfering with the air bag, i apologize if this sounds like a stupid question, I don't have much experience in the way of interior mods, especially since my older 97, 03 & 04 imprezas only had 2 airbags not 6.


*EDIT* Correct me if I am wrong the side curtain airbag mostly sits alongside the ceiling pillars, I was under the assumption they were in the A-pillar & the sensor module is outside of the pillar as well? The only thing is the harness that runs up the A-pillar?

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